4 Considerations When You Design a Soccer Crest

A logo is the embodiment of a brand, and sports logos are no exception. Whether you’re starting a new soccer club or rebranding an existing one, developing your crest is a defining moment in the organization. Here’s what a soccer crest is and what vital elements to consider when you design a soccer crest:

What Is a Crest in Soccer?

A “crest” is essentially the logo used by a soccer club. It’s also sometimes referred to as a badge. Crests can be used everywhere from kits to marketing material.

 (See the evolution of the US Soccer crest through the years.)

 A crest is also a powerful psychological tool. It’s a unifier across all levels of the organization. From players on the field to spectators in the stands, everyone feels like part of the same family as they stand behind the same crest.

4 Tips: How to Design a Soccer Crest

Supporters flash their badges to show their commitment to the club and to honor the team’s history. Your logo will appear on the chest of every player and on fan scarfs across the stadium. It will be blown up on signs outside the pitch.

Beyond visual quality, it’s important for the font, size, shape, colors, and design to ignite a common passion in your members. Here's how to achieve that:

  1. A Soccer Crest Should Represent Your Mission, Vision, and Values

Your soccer club’s crest is the visual embodiment of your club. It should stand in as a shorthand for what your club prioritizes and holds dear. Any club badge is a representation of who you are and the values you stand behind.

When designing a soccer crest, you want to have one end goal: for people, at a glance, to understand your organization’s foundational values and core mission.

A crest is also an opportunity to display what differentiates you from other clubs. Beyond that, it’s a unifying symbol that links all players, coaching staff members, and fans.

  1. Think about the Symbols You Want in Your Soccer Logo

 Logos are visual in nature, which means symbols often play a big role in any crest design. Symbols are great visual shortcuts because they’re already imbued with so much meaning, history, and emotion.

Some of the most common soccer crest symbols include the following:

  • A national or local flag
  • An identifiable community landmark
  • Historical symbol from the town, state, or region

These meaningful symbols should be seamlessly integrated into the overall branding. They are often subtly incorporated into the visual design.

  1. Carefully Consider Colors for Your Soccer Crest

Colors have the ability to powerfully impact emotion. For that reason, your palette should be chosen with particular care.

A soccer crest (and all the club’s branded materials) will usually incorporate three to five colors.

Older clubs tend to use colors that have historical significance to the organization. Manchester United, for example, is famously known as the Red Devils. Learn more about the meaning behind their and other historical crests here.

Newer clubs, on the other hand, tend to be less wedded to specific colors. Instead, they tap into current trends and are more open to dynamic color use. (Diehard fans have met these changes with mixed responses!)

When designing a soccer crest, always take the existing club colors into consideration. Weigh if those colors hold particular import or significance for the club and whether changing them would be met with resistance by the fan base.

In the design phase, don’t forget your soccer crest is a chance to stand out from the crowd. To ensure you do this, audit your main competitors. Ensure your color palette doesn’t inadvertently mimic a rival.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Soccer Club’s History

In many places, soccer clubs are integral parts of the community history. As you’re looking to incorporate visual elements into your crest, draw inspiration not only from the club’s history but also the history of the community the team represents.

Whether you’re designing for a team at the national or local level, research what makes that community unique. Highlight that in your crest.

Does Your Soccer Club Need a New Crest?

Are you a new club in need of a crest? An established club looking for a rebrand? Reach out today!


We’d love to answer your questions and to discuss all your crest design needs.

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